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    Should your child know more than one language in this new world ahead? One of our teacher’s is here for you. Learning new languages effectively and efficiently with your virtual teacher is the future.

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    Completing your science project is so much fun at home with a virtual teacher. There are unlimited ways to explore science in and outside your home.

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    Do you want to master Economics with the best professionals? Here at Homeroomgenie, we offer you online individual lessons or group lessons and coming soon we will be teaching online currency so students are ready for the future.

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    Preparing for a test ahead of time will allow you to review material, verify that your child truly understands concepts and is confident during test taking. There is a method to becoming a successful test taker and our teachers want to help.

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    At Homeroom Genie we understand students just need help with homework or reinforcement to stay on top of project deadlines. Here, teachers help with multiple projects and keep your child engaged while learning at home.

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    Math can create stress and anxiety for multiple students. Math is one of those intimidating subjects for students, but it can be so easy and fun with a Homeroom Genie by your side. H.G. Math teachers are fully equipped to teach students new methods that will leave your child wanting to learn more and more.

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    Improve your literary understanding and grammatical skills, or get to know the literary greats with our literature online courses on Austen, Shakespeare, Burns, Wordsworth, Wilde and more. Homeroom Genie teachers are equipped to teach a variety of topics.

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